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Field Service Technician 1 (FST1) Textbooks

The Field Service Technician 1 certification course requires a companion textbook. The course includes required reading both as a prerequisite for the online material as well as for material not covered in the online modules but still subject to testing at the end of the course.

The textbook is available either through an online, 6 month subscription or a printed, paperback book that is shipped. When ordering the FST 1 course, you have the option of ordering with the printed book or without. If you already have access to a book or would like the online version, you will order the course without the textbook. A link to order the online version is available in the course description of the course without the book. The same link is available below.

FST1 - Chapter 1 Preview
View the first chapter of the FST1 textbook "Basic Communications"

362 Pages
(includes shipping)

FST1 - Table of Contents
View the list of all chapters in the FST1 textbook

Online Subscription (Six Months)

An online subscription to the textbook can be purchased directly from Pearson Higher Education. The fee will provide six months of access to an online version of the textbook. At the end of the six month access period, you will no longer have access to the book. The subscription may be shared among users but only one person can access the manual at a time.

To order the online subscription, click HERE.

Paperback Textbook

A printed, paperback copy of the textbook is included in the FST 1 course listed with textbook. It may also be purchased independently from the FST 1 certification page. We encourage companies with multiple users to order books and share them among their students.

To order the course with the textbook or the textbook alone, click HERE for options.

Field Service Technician 1 (FST1)

You must have either an electronic or printed version of the FST 1 textbook after ordering the course.